DahlIa Tour, 20th Year

Dalya was founded in 1999 and since then it adds value and richness to the organizations and activities of the companies it works with.

Being a leading agency for Congress for 20 years, Dahlia Tour has achieved many international congress. Therefore, Dahlia has provided large influx of foreign currency into the country and gains the awards of “Best Travel Agencyin 2018 for its excellent success.

We became an above line agency by the agency of outstanding service we provide with our talented and expert team, organizations which has achieved their goal successfully, ability to problem solving and idea generation. Dalya team manages all processes as planning ,practicing and supervising. So It provides opportunity to organize success organizations , build bridge precisely between customer and their target group and create perfect communication.

Dalya works integratedly. By taking reponsibility, it provides customer safety and comfort. Its growing each passing day with its expert team, universal service concept, rich product range.

In this way it offers exclusive services to its valued customers. Dalya puts into practice its principle that is “An Organization Which Runs On All Cylinders Needs Expertness“ with departments of Dalya Congress and Organization , Dalya Technical , Dalya Wedding and Invitation, and its team which blends the Aegean hospitality with universal organization standarts.


Yıldız Gürgün


Hüseyin Çalgav

Congress Corporate Communications Manager

Yasemin Şimşek

Congress Corporate Communications and Finance Manager

Ekrem Gülay

Project Coordinator

Ferhat Ebret

Congress Department

CANSU Yatağan

Congress Department


Congress Department

Özgür Yatağan


Mutlu önol


Ece Erokay Özboyacı

Sales and Business Development Specialist