• Reservation service and follow-up
  • Accommodation management
  • Layout of meeting
  • Meeting room management
  • Food and Beverage services
  • Stand area management
  • The first and last day dinner / Cocktails and organization
  • Cultural and touristic tours

During The Congress

  • Dalya technical services
  • Congress tv
  • Newspaper of Congress
  • Budgeting
  • Prefinance services
  • Periodic reporting services
  • Income and expense management
  • Cash management


  • Report systems management
  • Attendance Reporting by ‘Dalya Data Processing Systems’
  • Identify the name and number of participants by real-time reporting while the meeting is in session
  • Preparing the list of participants on the based of sub-specialization groups by real-time reporting while the meeting is in session.
  • Determine the average of stay in the meeting room
  • Statistical analysis and reporting after congress